Ghaliaa غالية

Kel Yeli Sar Album


Music is therapy for the mind and soul. It's a way of communicating; a way of expressing what you feel, how you feel, and why you feel.

Ghaliaa is a Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist and Record Producer based in the UAE.

Her greatest influence began at home where her family challenged her by constantly introducing new instruments to nourish her passion for music. By the age of 6, Ghaliaa had already fallen in love with 4 different instruments: Drums, Guitar, and Piano.

She began her career at the age of 16 by composing and writing lyrics , inspired by her life experiences that cover various delicate subjects. Known for her blissful vocals, she believes that music is a feeling rather than a language. She performs in multiple languages such as Arabic, English, French, Turkish, Armenian, and Spanish.

Ghaliaa’s sound fuses RNB, HipHop, electropop, Indie and Jazz , forming her own unique take on storytelling; All characterized by a raspy voice and versatile highs.



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